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7 Steps to Easy Patient Collections

Patient Balance Collection System
  • Import Patient balance data, Patient contact information such as email and mobile number from almost all EMRs, Practice Management & Billing software.
  • Send personalized and automated request to patient sign-up/opt-in/sign waiver for online e-statement.
  • Send e-statements via automated email campaign and remind patient balances by Text messages and/or IVR-based automated calls.
  • Enable quick pay without registration or patients can set-up an online portal account and make credit card payments via their computer or phone.
  • The user-friendly Patient Payment Portal has options such as COF – Credit card on file, Autopay, Recurring Payments for swift future payments.
  • Automatically send email-based payment receipts and payment confirmations.
  • Review patient 360 analytics for e-statement receipts, open rates, payments, and payment posting input file.

Key Modules


Anodyne Pay enables practices to create and send electronic Patient Statements that are  customized and personalized with practice name, address, email id, phone number and logo. Practice can also pick a  Patient Statement template from a library of Patient Statement templates.


Send Text reminders to your patients on your balance with a link to view their statement and pay. Patients tend to respond faster to text-based payment request.


You can also send reminder emails with or without the statement to your patients.


Your practice can send IVR- based automated oubound call reminders with statement balance information, custom reminder language in multiple persona and languages.  The IVR call can be set-up with a feature to accept payments and enable your patient to press a number and talk to a live patient representative. We also provide inbound toll-free self-service IVR calling for patients to check balances or even make self-service payments.

Automated e-Statements


Rules Engine



Medical Bill Statement System

Automated Text & IVR Reminders


Rules Engine

Text or IVR

Sent Payment
Portal Link


Patient Portal

Self Register & Online Consent

Secure Payment

Pay Statement
Balance Online

Receive Email Receipt

Patient Reminder System by AnodynePay

Patient 360 Analytics

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Patients Payments

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Patients Clicks


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, AnodynePay e-statement and text reminders have an ability to integrate well with existing patient payment portals.

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